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What is CCTV?

So you have seen or heard the 4 letters "CCTV" and you may or may not know that it translates to "Closed Circuit Television"but what does that mean?

Well to put it simply, a CCTV system is a visual or video setup intended for a specific or limited number of viewers.  This means its not something anyone can just log into and have a look at.

The video is recorded and not actually broadcast.  Originally this type of systems was used by banks and other high security situations where recorded evidence could be needed like casinos.

These days you can find a CCTV system almost everywhere you go in Brisbane and the rest of the country for that matter.  They are used in the home and throughout many businesses as a very sound business security system.  The technology has become so good (and affordable) that if your thinking about purchasing a CCTV system, now is the time!

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